RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

16-19 April 2024

The world’s leading trade exhibition on mobility & traffic technology.

Discover the latest trends in infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, road safety and parking. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to meet face-to-face with 35,000+ like-minded peers from 140+ countries and 900+ exhibiting companies to network, learn, and be inspired!

Parkex 2024 - Day One

Parkex 2024 - Day Two

Intertraffic 2024 - Day One

Intertraffic 2024 - Day Two

Parkex 2023

British Parking Awards 2022

Go2Sim in Sweden! 🇸🇪

Data Sims that work for you

You'll only pay for what you use, ensuring that you don’t waste money on unused data, or that you can scale up when required at times of greater demand.

Stay in control of costs by taking advantage of SIM card data pooling. Some SIM cards will inevitably use more data than others, and data usage will vary month by month. Data pooling means that allowances can be applied where they’re needed most across all SIM cards, so customers avoid paying above actual usage.

Other suppliers charge a fixed rate for data, whether it is used or not. Go2Sim don't think this is fair! Their smart system accurately calculates monthly usage, so you only pay for data used.

Find an IoT solution that meets a customer’s pricing & project requirements, through a bespoke plan that can adapt to changing market or business needs.

Access everything they need to know through their SimUI portal. Customers take control using SimUi, which allows remote access to their SIM portfolio providing live data and reporting functionality across multiple networks.

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